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by38-LineArt Studio


License Type
License Usage :
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Personal Project
  • 2 Computer Installation
  • End Product For Sale (Product/Print Ads/Digital Impressions/Merchandise) : 2,000 Sales/Prints/Pcs
  • 10,000 views per month
  • Embedding fonts using @font-face
  • 1 title
  • Unlimited for publications intended for Kindles, iPads or other PDF Readers
  • 1 App
  • 1 Game
  • Unlimited App sale
  • Unlimited Game sale
  • Up to 10 User
  • Up to 10 Computer Installation
  • Logo Usage/Logotype
  • Unlimited Commercial & Personal Project
  • Monetized Social Media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook) : Unlimited Usage
  • Blog : Unlimited Usage
  • End Product For Sale (Product/Print Ads/Digital Impressions/Merchandise) : Unlimited Prints/Sales/Pcs
  • Monthly Webpage Views : Unlimited Views
  • Youtube & Facebook
  • Unlimited monetized social media usage and event videos
  • 1 Website
  • Allow Users to Use Font
  • Unlimited Web views
  • Video/Movies
  • TV/Motion Graphic
  • Unlimited Commercial Project
  • 1 Corporate/Brand
  • Unlimited User & Installation
  • Unlimited Commercial Project
  • Unlimited Web Views
  • Unlimited Broadcasting
  • Unlimited Social Media & Blog
  • Unlimited Apps & Server
  • Unlimited End Product for Sale
  • Nationally
  • Unlimited projects for commercial use
  • Unlimited Users (Desktop)
  • Unlimited end product and sale
  • Unlimited Print Ads/Digital Impressions
  • Unlimited Web & Unlimited View
  • Unlimited digital ads view
  • Logo Usage : 5 logos
  • 10 Titles for E-pub/Printed Book
  • Unlimited Youtube,Facebook,Instagram (For Monetized Social Media Usage )
  • 1 App and 1 Server
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Font Tester

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Product Detail

Corinthiago is a caligraphic font wrapped in signature style, we call it ‘modern Calligraphy’. It includes alternates to help enrich your designs:

1. Titling (titl) alternates, are accents for initial letters. is the first stroke that is long and and slightly curved according to the letters, both lowercase and uppercase.

2. Swash (swsh) alternates, is an accent at the end of a letter, is an additional stroke to end writing.

3. Stylistic alternate (Salt), is an alternative glyph to add style emphasis.

4. Stylistic set (SS), some additional glyphs for design alternatives.

If you use a combination of two lowercase with a combination of tilt and swsh it will produce a harmonic letter that you can use for a logo, no problem also for a logo consisting of more than two letters, all you have to make sure is starts with a titl and ends with swsh.

All glyph alternates (titl, swsh, Salt and SS) are also supported by multiple languages.

Another OpenType that is also very important is Ligature (league), this font consists of 51 Ligatures including:

Abe, Ade, Ale, Ab, Ad, Af, Aj, Ak, Al, Am, An, Ao, Ap, As, Ax, Ay, Az, aa, ar, be, cc, da, de, di, do, du, dy, ee, er, ii, ir, is, le, ll, lt, om, on, oo, op, or, ov, ow, ox, oy, oz, ss, st, th, tl, tt, ur and uu. We continue to see the possibility to update ligatures in the future.

This font is the right choice for a modern design, can be applied to invitations, writing messages in the form of quotes, book and magazine covers, and of course for your brand logo text.


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