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License Type
License Usage :
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Personal Project
  • 2 Computer Installation
  • End Product For Sale (Product/Print Ads/Digital Impressions/Merchandise) : 2,000 Sales/Prints/Pcs
  • 10,000 views per month
  • Embedding fonts using @font-face
  • 1 title
  • Unlimited for publications intended for Kindles, iPads or other PDF Readers
  • 1 App
  • 1 Game
  • Unlimited App sale
  • Unlimited Game sale
  • Up to 10 User
  • Up to 10 Computer Installation
  • Logo Usage/Logotype
  • Unlimited Commercial & Personal Project
  • Monetized Social Media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook) : Unlimited Usage
  • Blog : Unlimited Usage
  • End Product For Sale (Product/Print Ads/Digital Impressions/Merchandise) : Unlimited Prints/Sales/Pcs
  • Monthly Webpage Views : Unlimited Views
  • Youtube & Facebook
  • Unlimited monetized social media usage and event videos
  • 1 Website
  • Allow Users to Use Font
  • Unlimited Web views
  • Video/Movies
  • TV/Motion Graphic
  • Unlimited Commercial Project
  • 1 Corporate/Brand
  • Unlimited User & Installation
  • Unlimited Commercial Project
  • Unlimited Web Views
  • Unlimited Broadcasting
  • Unlimited Social Media & Blog
  • Unlimited Apps & Server
  • Unlimited End Product for Sale
  • Nationally
  • Unlimited projects for commercial use
  • Unlimited Users (Desktop)
  • Unlimited end product and sale
  • Unlimited Print Ads/Digital Impressions
  • Unlimited Web & Unlimited View
  • Unlimited digital ads view
  • Logo Usage : 5 logos
  • 10 Titles for E-pub/Printed Book
  • Unlimited Youtube,Facebook,Instagram (For Monetized Social Media Usage )
  • 1 App and 1 Server
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Font Tester

Thin Narrow
Thin Narrow Italic
Extralight Narrow
Extralight Narrow Italic
Light Narrow
Light Narrow Italic
Narrow Italic
Medium Narrow
Medium Narrow Italic
Semi Bold Narrow
Semi Bold Narrow Italic
Bold Narrow
Bold Narrow Italic
Extra Bold Narrow
Extra Bold Narrow Italic
Black Narrow
Black Narrow Italic
Thin Condensed
Thin Condensed Italic
Extralight Condensed
Extralight Condensed Italic
Light Condensed
Light Condensed Italic
Condensed Italic
Semi Bold Condensed
Semi Bold Condensed Italic
Bold Condensed
Bold Condensed Italic
Extra Bold Condensed
Extrabold Condensed Italic
Black Condensed
Black Condensed Italic
Thin Italic
Medium Italic
Semi Bold
Semi Bold Italic
Bold Italic
Extra Bold
Extra Bold Italic
Black Italic
Thin Expanded
Thin Expanded Italic
Extra Light Expanded Italic
Extra Light Expanded
Light Expanded
Light Expanded Italic
Expanded Italic
Medium Expanded
Medium Expanded Italic
Semi Bold Expanded
Semi Bold Expanded Italic
Bold Expanded
Bold Expanded Italic
Extra Bold Expanded
Extra Bold Expanded Italic
Black Expanded
Black Expanded Italic

Product Detail

Vogie is a sporty and modern sans serif font, comes in 4 widths, 9 weights and is available in regular and oblique. 72 fonts encapsulated in one variable font makes “vogie” more modern and easy to use


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